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Wowow im 18 now fabulous 
Sorry I haven't put anything on lately, im going through a quality v quantity debate in my mind right now, and i never have access to internet anymore because my universities first semester is over. 

Im going to be doing animation next semester! :D i super exicted to actually be taught something, (I've never learnt anything from anyone in terms of art IRL)
Do not ever, ever stop drawing traditionally when you get your first tablet. This is what I did, I stopped my traditional drawing and didn't draw traditionally for 2 YEARS, i have got better in some aspects, but nothing is a good a teacher as pencil and paper. I feel like i cant make those perfect lines any more, i have grown so impatient with my work, and because I'm impatient, i tend to take longer on a single drawing than i used to, because I'm making so many mistakes, then i want to go look at Facebook..... by then I've lost interest completely. Take this from me, if you enjoy something, don't stop doing it, just because you think other people 'want' you to. since the beginning of this year I have been more active on this site than i have ever been. I have made heaps of friends and a vast majority of them are talented in both traditional and digital mediums. 

Also, i have a question. does a cintiq (screen tablet) feel the same way as it would as pen and paper? I'm seriously thinking of saving up money for one of those bad-boys. Do you guys think I'm even ready for one? (probably not)
Ok, i had a mental breakdown, i couldnt sleep the other night which led to a whole two days of unproductiveness, and on top of that, I have been watching these videos made by CalArts enrolers of their portfolio sketch books, They are FREAKIN amazing, the amount of hard work they put into these sketchbooks, I cant even describe.

They get rejected.

Though they are mainly traditional artists, the amount of hard-work and dedication they have, is well above mine, if I want to get taken seriously, i need to take myself seriously, also, I don't know what stream of illustration i want to go into, I wanted to write comics when I was in school, but now fashion illustration seems nice, yet I have this whole digital painting idea looming over my head. And all this time I have about 2 irl people supporting me. Pretty depressing.
its really hard to draw them. really hard.
When people tell me to draw things for them, my ideas become so off track, and i just end up pouring colour over it. I need to develop a certain perspective or framing style, like my Bonnibell drawing, I really like that drawing. If I could master that style I might do some commisions, I've never done commisions for strangers before, so y'all are gonna have to bare with me. 

Some therapeutic sketches I did. (I'm gonna show my closest friends and followers these, you can look at my stash or just check my journal every night to see if there is anything new)
It makes me queezy when I see people my age doing stuff a 25 year old cant do, I don't know if its inspiring or nerve wrecking, i just found Britt315's Da account, and lordy, shes 17, but she's already apart of the 21 draw book..... what have I been doing with my life
I'm drawing nearly every night, its really good, though all my anatomy studies keep turning into rendered fanarts.. hehe short attention span.

I have recently been super caught up in the process of 'learning' how to draw, the answer seems so vague in the art community (some people learn by copying, others by intense studying, some by just doing what they love, and becoming experts in their own style) 

I want to show people all the cool ideas I've been coming up with lately but I think that working on huge illustrations is seriously time consuming and draining. Id rather be doing fun large drawings, than 'studying' anatomy and perspective yada yada. I guess I'm still not out of my childish stage, I cant wait to hit artistic puberty and "start drawing hairs in weird places"  :P
I have started to take my drawing more seriously, I have a lot of improving to do, but I want to be good enough to work in concept art for a company. Recently I have been drawing 8 or more hours a day (its god dam addictive) practising anatomy and perspective to the point where my middle finger is swollen from the pressure I put on it, I'm also thinking of creating a logo aswell as a Facebook page, and put my daily drawings on there, make it more casual, but keep it formal enough to create it into a digital portfolio.

Oh yeah, I'm in university now too (studying creative industries), ha-ha I put more effort into my drawing than my studies. (not good!) 
I have Grade 12 now, so uhh yeah no more drawings until i am comfortable enough with my school work or whatever
100th page view yay